• Social-Emotional Learning: States Collaborate to Craft Standards, Policies
  • We Should Measure Students’ Noncognitive Skills
  • Classroom Lessons – Teachable Moment
  • CASEL News and Events
    Check here for up-to-date information about news from the field of social and emotional learning. Click here
  • CASEL Releases Guidance, Tools to Help Schools Implement SEL Strategies
    Check out the CASEL SEL District Resource Center and the guidance and more than 500 tools to help districts and schools systemically implement social and emotional learning (SEL). The tools and resources have emerged from CASEL’s Collaborating Districts Initiative, a multiyear effort to help school districts integrate SEL across all aspects of their work. A recent report shares key insights and mini-case studies from these districts.
  • Transforming Education Resources
    TransformEd has a new educator toolkit on self-efficacy designed to help their students build this particular competency. Check for updates
  • Education Week: The Election is Over but for Teachers the Hard Conversations are Just Beginning
    The presidential campaign was filled with divisive rhetoric that trickled down into schools. Now that the election is over, how can teachers begin to unite their classrooms? Click here
  • Teaching Tolerance: School Administrators: Are You Ready?
    School leaders around the country are confronting increasingly volatile school environments. From managing anxiety and fear to responding to derogatory language and acts of bias, district and school leaders have a tremendous challenge ahead.  Read more
  • Education First: Social Emotional Learning: Why Students Need it and What Districts are Doing About it
    This publication highlights social-emotional learning (SEL) successes in three leading school districts—Anchorage School District, Bridgeport Public Schools, and Sacramento City Unified School District. Read
  • SEL and Employability Skills
    Today employers in every industry sector emphasize the need for employees with certain foundational skills. CASEL and the Committee for Children hosted a congressional briefing on SEL and employability skills and developed a paper on SEL and employability skills. Read both documents
  • Cleveland District and Student Voice
    Cleveland Metropolitan School District Student Advisory Committee lends ‘student voice’ to district decisions to improve teaching and learning. Watch video
  • Greater Good Education Science Center, UC Berkeley
    Resources for those educators who work tirelessly to cultivate capacity by building positive school cultures so that each student and adult feels a sense of safety and belonging, Click.
  • Edutopia: Social and Emotional Learning Resources
    Find and share resources for creating a healthy school culture by helping students develop skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts, and make responsible decisions. Link