About the Partnership


As the work to implement SEL systematically and systemically continues in the districts/schools the challenges become more complex. Districts vary significantly in size, populations served, and areas of focus related to addressing SEL. The multiple partners in this project ensure access to research based resources, data collection, coaching (CASEL); support to align SEL with local, state, and federal initiatives and mandates and school improvement efforts (DROE); and varied systemic and systematic SEL implementation practices (district partners). As a result the expertise and resources available, districts have taken courageous and creative approaches to addressing challenges that include, but are not limited to, explicitly:

  • addressing SE competencies to improve culture and climate;
  • addressing bullying through implementing SEL system-wide;
  • connecting SEL to professional practices and evaluation;
  • using data from using the Collaborative District Initiative (CDI) Rubric Benchmark Tool to monitor the implementation process on an annual basis.
  • aligning SEL standards and the CCSS in the core curriculum to teach SEL; and
  • developing classroom assessments using draft of SEL assessments aligned to the Illinois SEL standards developed by CASEL and Dr. Marzano.

The processes and products being used or developed are diverse and unique and provide unanticipated opportunities to problem-solve and learn from one another.

Noteworthy: A Video from the Wheaton/Warrenville School District
The Wheaton/Warrenville School District 200 has produced a video that offers an overview of social and emotional learning and the district-wide approach to SEL implementation. The video was designed to be viewed by all district staff at the beginning of the 2014-15 school year. Click here to view.