About the Partnership

Project Description

In 2010, DuPage Regional Office of Education (DROE), a county educational entity that serves over 160,000 students and 12,500 certificated staff in 42 different school districts, partnered with the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) to develop successful strategies to support the implementation of high-quality SEL as an integral component of school improvement. The two organizations formed a partnership and have worked closely together over the past five years to create a replicable model for SEL implementation to help regional and state service providers build capacity and develop leadership and infrastructures needed to support, sustain, and integrate SEL system-wide. This includes ongoing professional development, communication with stakeholders, evaluating practices and outcomes for improvement, and nurturing partnerships with families and communities. The partnership is mutually beneficial and allows both organizations and partnership districts to fulfill their respective missions.

Partnership Goals

The initiative has proven successful in completing activities and meeting outcomes outlined in the 2014-15 grant proposal including:

  1. Providing districts with access to high-quality training and materials to support the implementation of SEL within DuPage County districts;
  2. Continuing to build and expand networking and learning opportunities through professional learning communities;
  3. Providing districts with ongoing coaching support to implement SEL system-wide; and
  4. Creating a replicable model for district-wide SEL implementation to help regional and state service providers build capacity and sustainability.