SEL in Action

Addressing SEL: DuPage Districts’ Stories

Creating a Professional Learning Community
This professional learning community is organized and coordinated by Ruth Cross of CASEL and Marjorie Cave, lead SEL consultant for the DuPage Regional Office of Education. Featured below are video segments from the presentations and links to documents and handouts that accompanied the presentations

DuPage County SEL Professional Learning Community Sharing – April 2016

  • Assessment Practices: First Steps in Efforts to Assess SEL, Community Consolidated School District 89
    The district is developing assessments aligned to the Illinois SE Learning Standards including rubrics, K-8 progression charts, and procedures that link classroom practices, SEL skills, and RtI.
    Presenters: Jessica Langman, Kindergarten Teacher & Dr. Stephanie Fredrick, School Psychologist. Contact: Director of Student Services, Gene Olsen,

  • Impact on Professional Practices and the Classroom; Embedding SEL Into Daily Teaching and Learning, Community Unit School District 200, Franklin Middle School
    Teachers share their story of how addressing SEL has impacted their classroom, their curriculum and their professional practice. District and school efforts to address SEL has been tied to Danielson Professional Practice Framework, work addressing diversity and bullying, and embedding clear, specific SE learning targets in curriculum and instruction. Teachers include SEL learning targets aligned to the IL SEL Standards into 1-5min delivery of SEL skill instruction each day.
    Presenters: Mike Klafeta (8th grade), Allan Rovik (6th grade), Cheryl Hasenjager (math), Crystal Forbes (vocal music), Sarah Williams (ELA/Reading), Ryan Bonnamy (Social Studies), Linda Herdrich (Science). Contact – Assistant Principal, Joseph Kish

County SEL Professional Learning Community Sharing – December 2015

  • DuPage
    Developing Teacher Capacity to Lead SEL in Each Building – Naperville Community Unit School District 203

    This large K-12 district developed a four year SEL implementation plan that began by developing school-based teacher-leaders for SEL. Currently, there are 2-4
    teacher leaders per building and 45 teacher leaders across 22 buildings. The plan includes developing curriculum maps for each grade that integrate SEL into
    Presenters: Lisa Xagas, Pete Flaherty, Lori Kimberley, and Justin Elder. Contact: Lisa Xagas

  • Teachers Lead Implementation of SEL Programs – Medinah District 11
    This small PreK-8 district recognized that SEL could integrate a number of district’s initiatives under one umbrella. Using the approach outlined in CASEL’s
    School-wide SEL Implementation Guide, they collected baseline data using CASEL’s self-assessment tool for educators and student surveys to inform decisions. The
    district merged PBIS and SEL with the addition of the Second Step program.
    Presenters: Ellen Cosgrove, Kris Leonard, and Tammi Mellert District contact – Dr. Susan Redell

  • District Aligned PLC Structure includes SEL – Center Cass District 66
    This small K-8 district has developed PLC structures and processes with the Grade Level Teams (GLT) providing input to Building Level Teams (BLT) who provide input
    to the District Leadership Team (DLT) and Administrative Leadership Team (ALT). Together, these teams address operational, tactical, and strategic needs and
    goals. Each grade level PLC team has written an SEL goal which teams report on three times a year.
    Presenters: Tim Arnold, Kim Liles, and Meg Will. Contact: Klm Liles

DuPage County SEL Professional Learning Community Sharing – February 2014

  • Michael Connolly, superintendent of District 20 (Keeneyville), describes the process of making a commitment to social and emotional learning in the district. Download the handout describing the district’s policy containing five ground rules for effective meetings.

  • In this segment Connolly describes the impact made by his district’s SEL task force. The middle school has seen a 60% reduction in discipline problems.

  • Christine Messina, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction of District 45 (Villa Park) outlines the evolution of the district’s SEL initiative. The district has produced a 30-minute video describing SEL success stories across several different areas that include community-family relations, science instruction, service-learning, and physical education. Download the video. Allow time for this large file –you won’t be disappointed!

  • Joanne Panopoulos, assistant superintendent for student services, District 200 (Wheaton/Warrenville), discusses the steps in taking SEL to scale in her district. It began with the district administration’s examination of the standards for SEL in Illinois, where policies and programs to support SEL are a requirement.